The Program

About the Office of Early Childhood Education

Recent research in the development of young children has emphasized the importance of a quality education during the early years of a child’s life. Recognizing the significance of this research and assisted by state funding and legislation, the Union City Board of Education has made a commitment to expand and enhance the quality of early childhood education in Union City.

Quality early childhood education programs address the needs of the whole child. Such programs are organized to support the social, emotional and intellectual development of young children and are provided in a nurturing and secure environment. Children’s learning is best achieved through the use of hands-on activities, both planned and spontaneous, individually or in small groups of children. In addition, successful early childhood education programs build strong home-school and community relationships that support children’s development.

The mission of the Abbott Preschool Program is to enhance the development and implementation of quality early childhood education programs in New Jersey that prepare children to enter school with a foundation of skills and knowledge necessary to meet the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.

Abbott Preschool Program - Working Towards High Quality: Building Excellence In Early Years

  • FREE preschool education program for 3 and 4 year olds providing six hours instructional time; four hours of wrap-around services, 245 days/ year. Eligibility for the wrap-around services will be based on the family’s income.
  • Class size of 15 students, one certified teacher, one aide
  • Lunch, Snack & Breakfast provided for FREE
  • Building a high quality learning environment that leads to academic success
  • Readiness to succeed in school, oral language development & early literacy skills important future success in school.
  • Supports developmentally appropriate practices and a research based curriculum
  • Developed a curriculum that is aligned with the Preschool Teaching and Learning Expectations: Standards of Quality
  • Provides many opportunities for play and exploration
  • Allows children to learn through play activities that have a meaningful purpose
  • Provides opportunities for educational field trips
  • Provides support services that meet the needs of every child.
  • Early Intervention Program – assess any child that may have difficulties & refer them for support services – speech, special education. Establish an IEP if deemed necessary.
  • Prepares children for a head start to do well in kindergarten.
  • Prepares children to enter school with better oral language and reading readiness abilities.
  • Provides a positive learning environment that promotes creative learning and skills development
  • Collaborates with Head Start
  • FREE Parenting classes and information: supporting the whole family.
  • FREE parent workshops that provide meaningful information on child development.
  • FREE health screenings for all children.
  • Full checkup with a licensed doctor plus vaccinations, hearing and vision tests and early identification of problem.
  • One “family worker” in every program provides support services for parents in the community. Refer families to support services for any family crisis
  • Help finding housing, obtaining social services: adult education, counseling, WIC, free medical services, etc.