Bilingual Education

The goal of the Union City School District is to provide every limited English proficient (LEP) student with the necessary language skills to eventually transition from Spanish language instruction to English only instruction. For preschool to kindergarten the district’s transitional bilingual program philosophy is applied utilizing developmentally appropriate practices.

Upon registration, all families complete a home language survey. Depending on the results of the survey, the child is either eligible for language proficiency testing or does not need to be tested because he or she is English dominant. If a child requires testing, it is scheduled at this time or determined at the school site. Depending on the results of the test, the child is either placed in a Bilingual, Advanced Bilingual/ESL (English as a Second Language) or Monolingual (English) only class. The children that are placed in Bilingual/ESL classrooms receive English instruction as well to support language development. Certified teachers provide instruction. The child’s progress is monitored throughout the school year and parents are also informed of their progress.