Your Five Year Old - Development Guide



  • needs approval; does not like “getting in trouble” with adults
  • is very confident
  • is dependable



  • feels secure and safe with family
  • receives idea of how males and females act from parents



  • shows a likeness for children of his own age and sex
  • is protective and mothering toward younger brothers and sisters
  • enjoys playing and sharing with a friend
  • faces new responsibilities when entering school; admires teacher; is eager to learn
  • may have an imaginary companion




  • can handle self well with bathroom tasks
  • eats well; handles utensils well
  • coordinates movement to music
  • dresses self ; can tie shoes
  • jumps rope, walks in a straight line, rides a two-wheel bike. Physical skills are important with friends
  • can draw some geometric shapes and figures (triangles, squares, circles)
  • can cut and paste but has less difficulty with staying in the lines when coloring or cutting


Emotional and Social

  • tends to be obedient, cooperative; desires to please
  • friendly; begins to feel for others
  • spends more time on projects (painting, building)
  • brags about things he or she can do
  • tends to get into more arguments more often but for a shorter amount of time
  • expresses feelings freely
  • likes projects; prefers a small group; can play alone; chooses who and what he or she will play with



  • speaks in full sentences
  • still may have trouble pronouncing a few words or letter combinations correctly