Parent Training Workshops

The Board of Education offers a variety of parent workshops. The following types of assistance is offered:


Adult Education Classes

  • Computer Courses
  • GED Classes
  • ESL (English As a Second Language) Courses


Early Childhood

  • Nutrition
  • Behavior/Discipline
  • Bereavement
  • Reading Strategies
  • Health Related Issues
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practices
  • Other various parental concerns that may be suggested as per parent needs.


High School Early Childhood Education Program

The students in this program may be planning a career as teachers in an early childhood school setting or other related field. It provides the students with the following opportunities:
  • Four year high school program
  • Preparation for careers in early childhood settings
  • Introduction to early childhood theories and practices
  • Hands-on experiences and activities; opportunity to observe
  • Provides employment in related schools while still in high school
  • Upon completion of the program students have the opportunity to attend Hudson County Community College with 15 college credits
  • Provides the opportunity to acquire Child Development Associate (CDA) credentials