About the Curriculum

The Early Childhood Center curriculum is designed to uphold standards of quality and align with the Preschool Teaching and Learning Expectations that support developmentally appropriate practices and a research-based curriculum.


The curriculum success is attributed to the Incidental Learning philosophy; teaching students life applicable knowledge through fun, interactive and hands-on activities such as, “Emeril’s Chef Training Program”,“BINGO-Mathematical Concepts”, “Meaningful Playtime - Play With A Purpose”,“Experiencing the Excitement of Science”, “Stop, Look, and Listen –E-Learning”, “Making Musical and Movement Connections”,  and “CommunityHelpers”.


An Early Intervention Program is in place to assess any child that may have difficulties and refer them for support services – speech, special education and to establish IEP needs if necessary.


The parents also have a chance to get involved with the EvenStart Program: a program where parent and children are encouraged to participate in joint reading activities.