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FREE Early Childhood Education

Teaching children when they are very young leads to higher grades, fewer problems, and better jobs later in life. Breakfast, snack and lunch are included, FREE, and classes are small: just 15 students with one certified teacher and one aide. Also included:

FREE health screenings to stop problems early Full check up with a licensed doctor, including vaccinations, hearing and vision tests and complete health screening Any problems or special needs are identified earlyand taken care of immediately

FREE parenting and family support Referrals and help during any family crisis Help getting social services (housing , WIC, free medical services, job assistance)

FREE preschool education program for 3 and 4 year olds providing six hours instructional time + four hours wrap-around services, 245days/ year. Eligibility for wrap-around services is based on the family’s income.

FREE Lunch, Snack & Breakfast provided for students

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